Microsoft Office 365

What Is It?

UNCG is in the process of migrating from Zoom, Google, and Box to Microsoft 365. Office 365 is the cloud-based Microsoft productivity suite that provides access to Office applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other productivity services. Microsoft Office 365 can be accessed at Office 365 at UNCG.

When you log in to Office 365 you land on your “Home” page. This page provides quick access to recently opened files. There is also a left ribbon that opens cloud-based versions of all apps. The cloud-based apps offer the convenience of easy access to all of your files from anywhere. However, in some cases the cloud-based apps might lack some advanced functions found in the full products. The Home page also provides you the option to download and install the full Office suite to your computer. You can also upload files on the Home page.

What To Do NOW

There are three very important things you can do now, while we wait for more information on the Microsoft migration:

  1. Go through your courses and websites and make a list of any linked or embedded Google or Box files, and make note of exactly where in the courses/websites these files are located.
  2. Go through your Google and Box Drives to organize your files and delete files that are no longer needed.
  3. Watch the Basics Part 1 and 2 training videos.

Click the app names below to view the how-to guides for each product.


Cloud storage for your files and folders

Share/Collaborate with others inside and outside the University

Can upload, download, and create new files in OneDrive

Can request access to files

Ability to sync cloud with OneDrive desktop folder


Virtual conferencing, scheduling, chat, and more

Meetings get scheduled from the Calendar page

Virtual backgrounds

Integrated document storage and sharing (SharePoint)

Annotation: everyone in the meeting can draw, highlight, type, and react right on top of what is being shown on the screen



Word processing with many layout and design tools

Variety of templates to assist with document formatting

Insert tables, shapes, images, charts, graphs, header, footer, page numbers, etc.

Options like citation, footnote, table of contents, caption, bibliography, etc.

Review for spell check, grammar, thesaurus, word count, language, translation, comments


Create powerful presentations

Variety of templates to assist with document formatting

Complete control over design/layout (important for branding)

Ability to easily add narration to slides

Design Ideas suggests layout options

Slide animations and transitions



Quickly create surveys, quizzes, and polls

Share with anyone and see results in real-time

Many question types, including choice, date, ranking, Likert, rating, file upload, and section

Built-in analytics and results can be exported to Excel

Web-based so must be online to submit a Form

Google forms will probably need to be recreated


Create dynamic and visual presentations, report, blogs, and stories

Quickly and easily create a variety of slideshow types

Can replace some student project and portfolio assignments

Templates to help you get started

Differs from PPT in that it is a web-based tool that plays in a browser

Adaptive layouts adjust based on device

Can be shared with a link or can be embedded on pages

and more!

Outlook: email

Excel: spreadsheets

Visio: flowchart maker and diagramming tool

OneNote: notebooks- capture notes by typing, drawing, inserting

Stream: Record videos; can record yourself and/or your screen; stores Teams recordings