Presentation Software


PowerPoint is available to faculty, students, and staff via Office 365. PowerPoint is a powerful presentation tool that uses a slide format. You can:

  • Apply actions to objects
  • Present Live, which creates a QR code students can scan to then view and navigate your presentation on their own screens while you are presenting live.
  • Rehearse with Coach, which provides helpful tips on your presentation, such as if you say “um” too many times.
  • Enable real-time automatic captions in Present mode.
  • Designer (layout and design suggestions)
  • Check (and fix) Accessibility


Audacity is a free download from the Web and is fairly simple tool to use to create basic audio-only files. Below are the links for downloading Audacity. By default, Audacity creates .wav files. If you need an .mp3 file, you will need to also download and install the LAME encoder (also linked below).

Google Slides

Google slides is part of the Google suite, but you may need to create your Slides in a personal Google account. Slides is very similar to PowerPoint, but is entirely browser based. You access Slides under the Google Apps area (where you go to find your calendar) and click MORE; then click EVEN MORE FROM GOOGLE; Slides is under the HOME & OFFICE heading.

Various Mobile Apps

Allows annotation, audio, website capture, import of PowerPoint slides and PDF files; most allow some type of sharing, such as export as YouTube video. Some examples include ExpainEverything, Educreations, ShowMe, and Explain a Website.

Screencasting Tools for Recording Desktop

Screencasts are video recordings of your computer screen. Screencasts can also incorporate voice-over narrations and annotations. One example is Screencast-o-matic (free) – One-click screen recording on Windows or Mac computers. No software installation required – completely web based – upload recordings to YouTube. Max recording time is 15 minutes.


Prezi is an online presentation tool that works from a single canvas instead of traditional linear slides. With Prezi you can zoom in, out and across images to create unified, visually impressive presentations. Prezi is free and you can store your presentations online.