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Audio/Video Captioning Request Form

April 3, 2018
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As per ADA and Section 504 regulations, video and audio files used in UNCG courses must be accessible and closed captioned when needed to accommodate deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals. To assist academic units to address this, Provost Dunn has allocated funds to enable UNCG Online to work with departments to submit files to a third party for captioning. These funds are for online course materials only (the courses can be fully online, flipped, or face-to-face courses that use online content).

How​ ​the​ ​Process​ ​Works

Use the form linked below to request assistance for creating captions and/or transcriptions for your online course materials. If you have multiple courses, you must submit a separate request for each course needing captions and/or transcriptions. If a course is approved for funding, the faculty or ITC from the respective academic unit will work with Leerie Jenkins from UNCG Online to begin the captioning process. Upon completion, UNCG Online will send the caption files to the unit who will then be responsible for adding the caption file(s) to their video(s).
A few changes have been implemented for this semester, including:
  1. Up to 15 hours of closed captioning services can be requested per course.
  2. The form is now completed and submitted online, and no signatures are required.
You can submit video files that you have uploaded to Google Drive, Box, YouTube, and Vimeo.
Here is the link to the form:


Upcoming Workshop Opportunity

The UTLC is hosting a week of workshops aimed at online faculty members May 7-11th. The event is called TOPPS – Transforming Online Pedagogy and Practice Symposium. The keynote speaker for Tuesday and Wednesday is Michelle Miller, author of Minds Online.

Key information
  • Monday – Wednesday – on-campus events
  • ThursdayFriday – online events (Summer classes start on Thursday.)
  • Mornings consist of one event for everyone.
  • Afternoons consist of sessions that allow faculty members to choose one that best fits their needs.
  • Participants who register for both the morning and afternoon sessions on the same day will be served lunch.